Caldan Conveyor

Safe commissioning with BIC Electric

Caldan Conveyor A /S is a Danish company with more than 40 years’ experience in the design, manufacture and installation of conveyor systems in various industries. Caldan offers turn-key solutions for the internal materials handling. Caldan aims to deliver solutions of the highest quality at competitive prices.

Ukrainian challenge

At the beginning of 2014 Caldan faced a huge challenge on a project in Ukraine: „Caldan’s PLC programmer chose to leave the company, leaving us in a difficult situation because we were about to implement a conveyor system at the Ukrainian customer’s.”

The lack of resources and time constraints meant that BIC Electric was called to the project with an automation engineer and a technician.

„We asked BIC Electric to come to Ukraine on short notice and take over our PLC program implementation project at the customer’s. At the same time the electrical installations at the facility had to be completed. In close cooperation with the programmers at Caldan in Denmark the implementation was completed and the system was commissioned on time. The task proved to be larger than expected and we were facing unexpected challenges, but we finally succeeded, and the plant was safely commissioned on time thanks to good cooperation between the electrical department in Caldan and BIC Electric.”

Natural partners

Since then, BIC Electric and Caldan have worked together on projects in several other countries with a highly satisfying outcome:

„The flexibility and high quality of BIC Electric became apparent once again in the summer of 2014, when we had challenges with a damaged control panel in Lithuania and a service assignment in Ukraine which both had to be solved. A single automation engineer from BIC Electric traveled to both places in one week and supported by Caldan’s own programmers in Denmark, he solved all the challenges. It was a really exciting project, which was resolved in a good way.”

„We consider BIC Electric to be a natural partner at our projects, and their new focus on automation and programming is exciting as we occasionally need assistance in that area.”

Thorstein Gystad
Manager, Electrical Department at Caldan Conveyor A/S

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