Jysk El-service – English

Bendix Petersen, CEO and owner of Jysk El-service A/S:

The cooperation between Jysk and BIC started way back in 2007 when the business for Jysk Elservice was booming. We were doing very well, but we were facing a curse disguised as a blessing: on the one hand, we won a tender for a big project far away from Kliplev in Denmark, where we are situated, but on the other we lacked partners for the installation. Just then I received a sales letter from BIC Electric. Quite skeptical at first about the competences of Polish companies in electrical services, I decided to give it a go anyway and I met Jens-Christian Møller, the CEO in BIC Electric. After the meeting, we have started the cooperation and I have never regretted that since.

Back then, BIC employed only a dozen of people. At the beginning both partners made some mistakes; some things had to be redone or corrected, but we have always been able to reach an agreement on who of us will cover the costs of the mistakes, the guarantee and the repair.

Ever since the start of our cooperation, we have had the Danish trade unions breathing down our necks, claiming that the BIC employees were not getting their salaries in accordance with the collective agreements. BIC has always handled these issues professionally, proving the compliance with collective agreements and other requirements in Denmark and Sweden as well as other places in the world, where we have cooperated.

From 2007 to 2017 BIC has grown from 12 to approx. 200 employees. Their capabilities and competences have increased proportionally to their growth. Today we exclusively use BIC Electric as our on-site installation partner. This model works fine for us. It gives us the flexibility to scale our capacity up and down depending on the market situation.

For over 10 years, we have been cooperating with Paweł Boj as our daily contact and with Jens-Christian as the daily manager in BIC. Over time, a relationship of purely business nature has gradually turned into a close business friendship founded on mutual respect. We are looking forward to continuing the cooperation with BIC for future projects.

In September 2017 Jysk El-service and BIC Electric celebrated the 10 years cooperation anniversary and on that occasion a 7-person delegation from Jysk El-service, Kliplev, Denmark visited BIC’s global headquarters in Szczecin, Poland.


Jysk El-service delegation together with BIC Electrics key account department, sales and marketing department, office administration and directors in front of BIC’s global headquarters.