Professional partnership for quality, deadlines and reliability

KNAPP AG is an Austrian company based in Hart bei Graz and operating all over the world, since 1952. They provide intelligent automation solutions for manufacturing to distribution, from design through installation, maintenance and upgrades.  KNAPP’s and BIC’s paths crossed at a fair in 2018, the best year for both companies with record turnovers.

KNAPP was facing a sharp increase in installation volume and needed to expand their pool of service providers for installation to cope with the demand. Given BIC’s extensive experience with working across borders and their familiarity with intralogistics systems, the decision to test the new service provider went quickly.

From a rather small pilot project at the end of 2018 in Sweden, the cooperation escalated very quickly to include medium-sized projects in Finland, Netherlands, Denmark, Italy and other locations. Already the first project showed the quality of workmanship delivered by BIC’s technicians, their ability to quickly „tune into the melody of the project” and the experience they are bringing in from their previous assignments. This way, they become efficient from early on.

Markus Hofer, Director of Installation and Startup, says this about the cooperation:

„We are very satisfied with the common language we were able to find with BIC Electric. Our organization is highly impressed with BIC Electric’s level of professionalism. As we are a high-quality-provider of intralogistics systems, we expect that every supplier is working at that high level. Because we always work under a tough schedule, we have experienced that BIC Electric is able to meet our deadlines within the defined quality. That is quite important, since we as KNAPP are a turn-key-provider and our customers expect reliability in that matter.”

For Markus Holler, responsible for external realization of greenfield projects, one of BIC’s key advantages is perfect flow of information.

Finally, for Thomas Gerster and Hermann Krenn, who are in direct, everyday contact with BIC Electric project managers, team leaders and teams, the benefits of working with BIC Electric are mostly effective communication, good level of performance, competent technicians, serious approach to health and safety and professional PPE.

In future, both companies see a lot of potential in helping the e-commerce, fashion-industry and production-suppliers to develop even faster, with the intention of gradually increasing the volume of collaboration. In that way we will both contribute to a sustainable growth over the next years.

All photos courtesy of KNAPP AG