Micmatic – English

Innovation, flexibility and collaboration

Micmatic ApS is located in Ans, close to Silkeborg, and is owned by software developer Michael Heide, who has many years of experience working with electrical control systems. Recently, Micmatic has been in charge of a variety of projects concerning water treatment, often with BIC Electric taking care of the assembly and installation.
Micmatic’s key focus are qualities like innovation, flexibility and collaboration, and on these parameters, BIC Electric is an excellent partner” says Michael Heide.

He explains:

BIC’s electricians are highly experienced and skilled, and they always do an excellent job. They are often tasked with very complicated assignments, and since each project poses new challenges, there are heavy requirements for the teams selected for the task. They work completely independently, so it’s important that everyone knows what they’re doing – and I really think that’s the case when it comes to BIC Electric.”
The good work is documented by the comprehensive quality assurance that follows each time a project is handed over. This ensures that the end customer receives exactly what Micmatic described in the project.
And as a follow-up, BIC Electric asks us to frequently evaluate how satisfied we are with the work they do. Sometimes, I think that it can seem rather overwhelming with all the forms and schedules, but this helps ensure a high level of quality in our work, and this way, we also find out whether we need to make any improvements, if faced with a similar situation in the future” adds Michael Heide.

At the start, Micmatic teamed up with BIC Electric on assembly assignments for indoor pools and waterparks. But Micmatic’s water treatment system is also sought after abroad, which, given BIC’s international profile, makes the partnership ideal for the future – when some projects are located outside of Denmark.

What we have found out over the course of collaboration is that BIC Electric has a short response time, when a need arises – and that they are very flexible, if the time-frame for a project gets prolonged a little. This holds great value for a small business like Micmatic, which has a limited number of employees and therefore is more challenged when the work schedules change. Therefore, BIC Electric absolutely supports Micmatic in living up to our commitments: innovation, flexibility and collaboration”, concludes Michael Heide.