Complete electrical upgrade of a drilling rig in the Caspian Sea

For the Finnish engineering company Prohoc, BIC Electric is working on the upgrade of a 30 year-old drilling rig in the Caspian Sea, which will extend the service life of the old rig.

The project requires that 50 of BIC Electric’s technicians will be occupied for approx. six months, so this contract is definitely in the “high end“ of the scale as far as BIC Electric is concerned.

The project comprises a complete renovation of the drilling rig, which has been operating in the oil-rich area since 1981. The structure is 66 x 62 meters and operates at a sea depth of 475 meters. BIC Electric, together with Prohoc, is replacing and upgrading all electrical installations and automation systems, including electrical and automatic panels, and the four large diesel engines supplying the power to the drilling rig. Pursuant to the contract, BIC Electric will perform all electrical engineering and mechanical assembly works during the project.

Working across borders

In 2012 BIC Electric was awarded its first offshore contract for electrical services and maintenance on the Maersk Oil & Gas production platforms in the Danish sector of the North Sea. Ever since then, they have wanted to increase their customer base in the offshore oil and gas industry, so they are very pleased to add a new major customer from this segment.

At the beginning of this year BIC Electric had around 100 employees. The company group specializes in installing and servicing complex electrical installations and machinery for industrial companies worldwide, and with this new offshore contract in the bag, the company expects to increase its headcount to 150 in the course of 2015.