Valuable partnership in installation of automation facilities in Poland, Denmark and Norway

Qubiqa is one of the leading suppliers of automation and conveyor solutions in Denmark. They have a solid position in the global market with their signature product Layerpicker which has now been installed more than 150 times worldwide. Their customers include some of the very largest organisations in the food industry.

With large projects around the world, sometimes Qubiqa’s own electrical department cannot manage it all, and in these cases it is nice to have a reliable sub-supplier who can carry out installations on the automation facilities no matter where they are located.

BIC Electric works as a valuable export partner for Qubiqa in peak situations, and has worked on several larger projects around Europe – lately in a new large storage facility at one of Norway’s leading suppliers in office supplies. Here BIC Electric has carried out the electrical installation on several Miniload cranes, transporting facilities and pickers.

„BIC Electric is a good partner who sticks to agreements and employs flexible and diligent workers. We are very satisfied with the cooperation and are looking forward to more big projects together,” Installation Manager, Erik M. Christoffersen says.